Dispatches from the Front: Sushisamba - London

Today we find ourselves in one of the best cities in the world, London. Dining at Sushisamba, situated on the 38th floor of the Heron Tower - a commercial skyscraper, currently the 3rd tallest building in the United Kingdom.

The tower itself is a favourite thanks to its phenomenal views of the city, outdoor terraces, impressive sky-high restaurants and scenic glass lift.  Although the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-esque lift may sound off-putting for some, there is something uniquely exhilaratingly that comes with being whisked around 180metres into the air in just under 30 seconds whilst watching the city fall away at your feet.

Sushisamba offers a tri-cuisine fusion of Brazilian, Peruvian and Japanese. Its main room has an impressively high bamboo grid ceiling of varying heights and hanging lights but not to be outdone by the 360 view of the city, breath-taking both by daytime and night.

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The staff are attentive and informative, and the atmosphere is set off well by the décor and tri-culture celebrating music. Our choice of cocktails for the afternoon on this occasion were the ‘Lychee cooler’, the ‘Nina Fresa’ and the ‘Nashi’ Martini.




We kicked lunch off with starters of Edamame, the raw ‘Crispy Yellowtail Taquitos’ and then the standard favourite order of salt and pepper squid. These were followed by a delightfully fresh ‘Tiger Maki’ samba roll, the flavoursome ‘Mushroom Tobanyaki’ – albeit they could have eased up slightly on the garlic –  followed by the personal star of the show, the ‘Moqueca Mista’. Complete with jumbo prawns, mussels, clams, squid, sea bass and topped off with coconut milk curry and chimchurri rice. After a short resting period of another cocktail each we decided to finish with the ‘Passion Fruit Cake’ (which we shared, as yes, all of the above was consumed by 2 people) and it was nothing short of delectable as well as beautifully presented, although definitely too small to share.



We were impressed with the understated, easy going atmosphere of the restaurant and the visually innovative décor, food and drink. A perfect venue for lunch or dinner, daytime or evening drinks.


May 11, 2016 — JAMIE SMALLEY

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