The Five Best London Bars for the Jet Set Traveler

The Five Best London Bars for the Jet Set Traveler

When traveling there is nothing better than relaxing at the end of the day watching the sun creep away to enlighten another continent. Even better when on a far flung beach without any LTE signal we may add.
February 05, 2016 — JAMIE SMALLEY
Our Beginnings - The Masters of Mayfair Origin Story.

Our Beginnings - The Masters of Mayfair Origin Story.

The moment at which a business idea flashes through your mind is normally followed with one of two secondary thoughts. One being 'that is the daftest thought' and I am ever so grateful the strangers around me cannot possibly know what I was thinking otherwise they would report me and cart me off to the looney bin.
June 19, 2015 — JAMIE SMALLEY
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Effective, luxurious and vegan

Lovely mask which has already helped me to sleep more soundly after just a few nights. The fabric is so soft on my sensitive skin and I love the lavender infusion.
The design is very comfortable and I’m thrilled to find a well made product produced with good quality vegan materials.


Well made, good size, very comfortable

Great product

Nicely packaged, thoughtfully designed and very comfortable. Arrived promptly.

Amazing value for money

The cost of one of these sleep masks may seem like a considerable initial price to pay, however I have slept with a Masters of Mayfair eye mask every night for two years and now cannot sleep without it! It has worked out about 7p a night and is incredible value for money. I have bought them as presents for several people, who have also reported amazing sleep after using one. I have machine washed mine many times and it is still in perfect working order. Would absolutely recommend.

The Sleep Mask Luxe - British Racing Green
scents and eyemasks

Exactly as ordered, on time and pleasant to deal with.