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Masters of Mayfair Featured in The Independent 

"you pay for quality... for frequent flyers or those constantly forced to sleep in a light-polluted bedroom, it is a worthy investment"

Handmade with only the finest fabrics, the products attention to detail will enhance your sleep with natural lavender scents emanating from the soft silk fabric. Ideal for frequent travellers, wearing for long-haul flights, light sleepers and people who suffer from insomnia, headaches or fatigue. With a third of your life spent asleep make sure you enjoy a luxurious Mayfair experience every evening or flight.

  • The design process' attention to detail ensures our product enhances sleep through a darkened, soothing and comfortable experience.
  • The product is infused with natural lavender scents which aid relaxation, ease insomnia & fatigue, help with headaches and promote calm feelings to the wearer.
  • The eye relaxation area is made from silk which is soft and cooling to the skin.
  • The sleep mask has an elasticated head strap to ensure the mask is secure on the head. The strap is fully adjustable and secured with a flat clip so no discomfort is caused to the sleeper.

Customer Reviews

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I love this!

I bought my mask when I was going to basketball camp with my son’s team (10 year olds) and we were going to sleep in a class room together during four nights . The mask was wonderful! Not only did it have a great scent of lavender, bur also kept the light away and helped me shut the room out during night time. All in all it helped me sleep better and I am confident that I will use it many more times in the future.

Sleep mask.

Great mask!
A quality mask. Great service. Very pleased.

simply divine

I had reservations about spending so much on a mask when i seem to get a new one on every flight but was not disappointed. The Masters of Mayfair sleep mask has been my purchase of the year, from its softness against my skin to the subtle smell of lavender, I just love it and now that Spring has sprung its coming into its own. Total black out, fits securely but comfortably; worth every penny.

Noticeable difference from some budget masks I was using

I regularly have to travel between bristol and london for work and I had bought some cheap masks off amazon that did the job but it felt like there was room for improvement. So far this mask has been great, I get a noticeably better rest with it than with my other masks, which would slip off my face more. With this mask I totally forget I have it on and as someone else noted the lavender isn't too much, it helps you relax - as someone who finds things like incense and the like too overpowering.

Great mask

Great web site , easy to use. Mask is great and comfy to wear.

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