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Great products for regular (long time) travellers

Using of the sleeping mark and pillow for more than a year. I am becoming a fan since I bought the pillow again when I forgot it during a trip!
The mask is covering the face comfortably with a fresh flagrance. No light entering so you fall asleep very quickly. The pillow is great since it is compact when not used, the cotton is good quality and maintain you well. Both are stylish and colours are great, look good quality.
Value for money is good, if you use it often with a lot of hours in the air.
As an improvement, I think the air valve of the pillow made in black plastic can be improved, Little disappointment when I discovered that the Masters of Mayfair are making the products in China...but the price would be much higher if made in UK...

Luxury Sleep Mask - Grey

Returning customer

I like these masks a lot, especially with lavender - buying them every year for me and now my son too :), including gifts to friends. Find the price however a bit high. Package box also high quality, but not reusable, could be replaced by something more simple and sustainable.

Happy customer

Arrived promptly and fab to sleep in


Quality Gear

Outstanding products and customer service

I've bought three sleeping masks in the past years, two as gifts, and I can only say that, besides their beauty, these are outstanding refined products, extremely well crafted, lasting forever. I'm still using my first one, daily, bought in Aug 2016. Also, the lavender they have in them contribute greatly to a pleasurable peaceful sleeping. I had tried many others previously, but none gave me such comfort and serenity. I'm also grateful to Master of Mayfair for their custom services, which have been extremely attentive and promptly to all my inquiries. Thank you for being!

Great purchase! I love my new mask!

It is comfortable, nice, great lavander smell. And the delivery was quick! The packaging is also amazing! Love it!


So pleased, would recommend for anyone who has a problem staying asleep,
also you can get to sleep much quicker, very pleased with lavender smell.

Works every time

Lavender eye pillows are the best‼️

It does what it’s meant to

Am I happy with my purchase? Yes, I suppose I am, however I’d rather you’d cut the amount of packaging, drop the expensive branding, and cut the price.


I’ve previously used old fashioned medical full length stockings but these do exactly the same but with a bit of style and not bright white!

Comfortable sleep mask

Comfortable sleep mask

Helps me sleep so well!

I love my new eye mask. It was rather expensive, but as soon as I pull it down over my eyes, my brain knows it’s time to fall asleep, especially with the calming lavender scent. If I wake up too early in the morning, especially with the bright summer light coming through my curtains, I can fall back to sleep instantly once my mask is back on. It’s worth the investment for good quality, long sleep!

Love it !

Best sleeping mask ever !

It is actually very compfortable

Definetly worth paying more for something that actually works.

Stunning Eye Mask

The product is very well made, luxurious and an absolute necessity for a greats night sleep!

Great Quality

I bought an eye mask recently from Masters of Mayfair.
Great quality and so comfortable to wear I would recommend to anyone who likes or needs total blackout for sleeping.

Eye mask and neck support - both superb

I have bought from MM a neck support and an eye mask on different occasions. I’ve used many others before, but the MM eye mask and neck support are the best I have encountered. The quality is outstanding. The website is friendly, and the service very prompt. I am on a Greek island and received my items on both occasions very quickly and with no problem. I can highly recommend MM.

Britisch! Fünf Sterne.

Wunderbares Material, sehr angenehm zu tragen, gute Paßform, empfehlenswert.
Und ein toller, komplikationsloser Service. Bei Reklamation eines kleinen (immer möglichen) Fabrika-
tionsfehlers wurden die Strümpfe ohne weitere Rückfragen umgehend per Eilbote neu geliefert. Das
nenne ich vorbildlich. Fünf Sterne.

Excellent product

Lavender smell is great, looks exactly as it did in the photos, nice fit and great product!

In Love

Absolutely adore my new sleeping shade.

Absolutely beautiful and long lasting too!

This is such a wonderful spray, I even use it as a perfume !!
I have used a lot of different products over the years and I can honestly say that this is the best one I have used and I have a quality nights sleep and can still smell the product in the morning. Please so a room diffuser in this wonderful sent soon??

Lavender spray

Lovely fragrance, calming and summery . Slept really well after spraying it on my pillow...

Best quality available

I received these as a gift. Having worn several types of compression socks. These are the best. And the cotton breathes. Every other compression sock I have found or worn was synthetic. Would like to see black color offerd. Still, the quality of the product is worth every cent.