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Sleep Mask

Fabulous - comfy to wear, cuts out all the light, and means I'm not grumpy as I can grab a nap anywhere - top product, thank you!

Sleep mask

Really lovely and soft ... smells good as well !!
Purchased for a long haul flight and I am really pleased with the purchase

Silk Sleep Mask

Bought this for my partner going on a long haul flight to give that bit of added luxury and home comfort feeling - it did that in bundles. Best Sleep Mask by a clear mile

Within two weeks of giving my husband a pair of your travel socks for Christmas there is a very large hole on the heel of one of the socks, as in the whole heel! He is hoping for a refund!

ideal to aid a restful sleep

very happy with purchase, the sent of lavender was an added bonus to aid a restful nights sleep

Love the masks and love the pillow/ room spray x


Utterly brilliant!

Christmas Present

Having purchased a lavender scented eye mask for my girlfriend for Christmas I have to say the packaging and product are first class. My girlfriend loves the eye mask and commented that it’s super comfortable and feels quality.
Well done and thank you for the quick delivery

Awesome !

From all the sleep masks I’ve tried, this one is definitely premium. Premium quality, premium fit. Lavender smell 10/10, would buy again


Perfect eye mask - stays on all night, so comfortable! I would say there is far too much packaging though - there's no need for 2-3 plastic bags for one eye mask. The box is lovely, I would say that's sufficient.


This eye mask is the best! The big size ensures it covers my eyes/face enough to not let any light in. The lavender smell is lovely and calming (and not overwhelming).

Eye mask & socks

Excellent customer contact and speedy postage. Classy black pouches for eye mask& socks. Slightly disappointed in box - for the price I thought it would be better, as was giving as a gift. Flight Socks ok for men (plain navy) but very unglamorous for ladies, a bit over priced compared to others on the market.

Travel socks

I wore the travel socks last night on a flight from London to Dubai! Most comfortable socks which do no itch and do not feel too hot in them either! I usually hate wearing the hospital type socks but the Mayfair compression socks made the journey comfortable and I felt more at ease knowing I was wearing them!

Sleeping well

Spray this on your pillow every evening and enjoy a great night's sleep or use it to refresh your eye mask. Lovely relaxing aroma.

Sleep mask

My husband hasn’t worn this mask yet as it is a Christmas present. However, I bought myself one a couple of months ago and I love it. We have tried lots of different masks but I often find that they don’t Fit properly and can’t be adjusted. We also find that the colour often comes out of the fabric leaving marks on the bed clothes. I haven’t had this problem with my sleep mask from the Masters of Mayfair. My only criticism is that they are expensive. However, I viewed it as an item of clothing I will wear every day so considered it to be worth the money.

Fabulous Pillow Spray

Great product, beautiful packaging. Ideal gift. Great service





Fainting protection!

As a surgeon I am often on my feet all day, and prone to low blood pressure occasionally making me feel lightheaded. These socks help prevent blood pooling in my legs. I am also excited about wearing them on flights, both to keep my feet warm but also to prevent DVTs.

So easy to put on

They look like normal socks and feel soft and comfortable to wear. As a nurse, I have fitted compression socks on patients frequently. They are often very difficult to put on and uncomfortable - very pleased a product like this is finally on the market. Jayne Rubin, 61.

Dream of sleepmask seekers

Soft and beautiful! Will be definitely ćome back to you when I need the next one.

Black luxury sleep mask

My husband loves the sleep mask I bought him for his birthday as he struggles awfully with insomnia and this has greatly improved his sleep; however, he has now requested I buy a new one as the elasticity is going in it. I don't want to have to tell him that it wasn't a cheap naff mask that I can just replace as I'm on maternity leave and money is significantly tight so I can't afford to buy a new one. Plus I don't think having spent such an amount that it should only last 4 months! I'm quite disappointed that it's not holding out longer as I've had my own sleep mask for over 5 years without issue. If someone could please advise if there is anything I can do about this I would be grateful.

Calf savers!

I've trialled many different brands of compression sock. This is by FAR, the most comfortable. Enough compression to relief pain even until the end of the day - but also don't dig in at the bend of the knee. They are quality, well made and durable item. A MUST wear for professionals on their feet all day to prevent long term varicosities or on long flights to help in the prevention of deep vein thrombosis.

Bond Street Burgundy Silk Sleep Mask