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Luxury Sleep Mask in Black


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Masters of Mayfair Sleep Mask Featured in The Independent 

"you pay for quality... for frequent flyers or those constantly forced to sleep in a light-polluted bedroom, it is a worthy investment"


About Our Eye Mask

We designed our black luxury sleeping mask using only the finest natural fabrics, sourced specifically to ensure no irritation is caused to the skin.

A beautiful lavender scent has been infused into the eye mask to provide an extra level of relaxation. When combined with the incredibly soft silk backing which covers the eyes, this mask will keep you cool and comfortable.

Enhance Your Sleep

Experience a deeper, longer and more natural sleep by removing light from your sleeping environment. Our eye mask ensures a soothing, comfortable and rejuvenating experience no matter where you are. 

Infused With Natural Lavender

Infused lavender scents provide a natural, calming and relaxing way to drift off to sleep. Dried lavender flowers is used to keep this scent 100% natural. 

Designed For Comfort

The sleep mask is fully adjustable and secured via a flat clip to ensure no discomfort is caused while sleeping. The silk backing ensures your skin stays cool and comfortable.

Made For Travel or Home

Ideal for frequent travellers on long or short haul flights, light sleepers or people who suffer from insomnia, headaches or fatigue.


With a third of your life spent asleep, make sure you enjoy a luxurious Mayfair experience every evening or flight.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 134 reviews
    Sleep Heaven!

    I hoped this sleep mask would be superior, based on the higher price bracket, and I am not disappointed. It completely surpassed my expectations. It is sooo comfortable. The silk lining is soft against the face, and doesn’t get too hot. The velvet front is also nice. It’s padded, just the right amount. The lavender scent is spot on, not too strong, not too subtle. The strap doesn’t dig in at all, and is adjustable. The large frontage blocks out virtually all light. Also comes beautifully packaged. Thanks M of M!

    Better than before

    This was my second Masters of Mayfair purchase and the product has been improved. The elastic band is now softer, which makes for a more comfortable fit and a better sleeping experience.

    Sleep Mask

    This is a really great sleep mask. It fits well and doesn’t let any light in. The fabric feels comfortable against your face and the strap keeps the mask nicely in place. It’s a little expensive, which is my only criticism, but I’d still recommend buying it if you fancy treating yourself.

    Great purchase

    Super comfortable and soft - perfect for a good nap whilst traveling!

    Fabulous Eye Mask

    This is the best eye mask I have ever tried, super comfy with a lovely aroma of lavender. I don't get any marks in the morning from these and they don't slip at all. Beautiful presented too.

    luxury sleep mask

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