Luxury Sleep Mask & Signature Pillow Spray Set


About The Mask & Pillow Spray Set

Our luxury sleep accessory set contains our signature pillow spray and luxury sleep mask, available in a range of colours.

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Our luxury sleep mask is made using only the finest natural fabrics which have been specifically sourced to ensure no irritation is caused to your skin. We carefully infuse the mask with dried, natural Lavender flowers, providing an extra level of relaxation. The incredibly soft, silk eye backing, keeps your face and eyes cool and comfortable while you sleep.


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The Masters of Mayfair Luxury Signature (No.1) scent pillow and sleep spray is formulated with 100% natural ingredients making it vegetarian and vegan friendly. The carefully crafted scented mist creates an unrivalled home and sleep environment by naturally reducing your heart rate and inducing feelings of relaxation. The scents refined crisp notes emanate elegance.

Use this spray to create a wonderful ambience in your own home or bedroom. Ideal for people who suffer from anxiety, insomnia, have a stressful job and suffer feelings of fatigue. 

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Mary S
Perfect gift

This gift was given to me years ago when I had to stay in hospital. I loved the fact I could catch up on sleep even in daytime and better still, block out the hospital smells. As a result I’ve bought it for2 loved ones since when they’ve had to convalesce. Total luxury.

Thank you for sharing Mary. This really does make us extremely happy to hear. Have a wonderful summer ahead.

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Luxury Sleep Mask - Pink
Lorraine Pilime
Amazing mask

Great coverage and smells gorgeous. As a light sensitive sleeper this mask is a godsend

Probably the best socks on the world.

Lovely sleep mask

These are great. So comfortable you will forget you have it on. This is my second - the other is somewhere hiding in the house. I had to replace it and despite the price!!! there was really no competition. I wish there was a no lavender option (I don't like the smell) as I have to wash it immediately to get rid of the smell, otherwise this is really great.

Eye mask

Had several of these now - brilliant eye mask

nice Socks

Compression is great and they look pretty nice.