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Pillow & Room Spray - Lavender (No.3) - 120ml


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The Masters of Mayfair Luxury Lavender Room and Pillow spray is formulated with 100% natural ingredients making it vegetarian and vegan friendly. The calming lavender mist creates an unrivalled sleep environment by naturally reducing your heart rate and inducing feelings of relaxation. Ideal for people who suffer from anxiety, insomnia, have a stressful job and suffer feelings of fatigue.

Rejuvenate the body by experiencing deeper sleep and let the body recover to its maximum potential night after night for great health benefits. Spray onto bedding, sheets, linens, your favourite pillow, pyjamas and bed clothing, travel wrap, throws, travel neck pillow or sleep mask.

Spraying directly onto skin is not advised although not dangerous due to the natural formula. Used in conjunction with the Masters of Mayfair sleeping mask range is an ideal combination for creating a beautiful sleeping strategy. Refresh the sleep mask by spraying to the front of the mask to give it a new lease of life with a fresh fragrance after machine washing the sleep mask.

We have received feedback indicating that this product works well for improving sleep for pregnant women and calming energetic young children who have problems relaxing before bed.

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