About Us

Masters of Mayfair is a British luxury lifestyle brand with a passion for relaxation, healthy living & adventure in equal measure. 

The inception of the brand was formed on the founders Jamie and Katie’s honeymoon. Before the trip, Jamie crafted two handmade sleeping masks, each filled with lavender as a special surprise and a way to make their long flight more enjoyable. 

After sleeping through the entire flight, Katie insisted they had to make them so others could improve their sleep. The brand was born. 18 months later after several rounds of product development, improving design & wearer testing the Masters of Mayfair luxury sleep mask was launched. 

Since then, the collection grows when only a truly life enhancing product is developed. 

As a brand we believe that better sleep & adventurous travel equates to a happier, healthier life. We don't cut corners and truly believe in the importance of fine artisanship. We endeavour to create the most beautiful products. Using premium natural fabrics and ingredients is integral to our products and brand.

The brands origins are in London. Since the arrival of two little ones in the Masters of Mayfair family the brand decamped to the Dorset coast. Only accentuating the importance of sleep enhancement!


Our Brand Values

No compromise on quality

Naturally focused

A curious sense of adventure


Jamie & Kasia Smalley